Ferris Wheel Professional Series | Ferris Wheels

Ferris Wheel – Professional Series

The Professional Model represents the new standard of quality required to better optimize economical returns for attractions operating in important cities and main tourist locations. N. 32 professional closed Cabins complete with A/C-Heating system.

Height: 52 m [170′]
Base size: 25x20 m [82x65′]
Capacity: 32 Cabins, 192 seats
Loading: 4 Cabins each time

How to choose the size of your Ferris Wheels

The size of your Ferris Wheel should be chosen on the base of the projected yearly number of passengers. Generally, tourist sites with a potential yearly draw over 3 million visitors can generate economical results to pay out investments of a Professional Model Wheel with height over 50 meters. In all other sites it is suggested to install and operate Smart Model Wheels with height over 40 meters.

Portable or Stationary Version for Ferris Wheels

When you need to operate your Ferris Wheel temporarily for few months/years, the best choice for you would be a Portable Version. In this case we will provide you a full package that includes a special steel basement and a large platform, allowing you to install your Ferris Wheel in any location. In this case we suggest you to buy also new or second hand containers (or semitrailers) you will use to load your Ferris Wheel, when you need to transport it to different sites.

If you will operate your Ferris Wheel on the same site for enough time to complete your investments and get full economical returns, then the Stationary Version is the right product for you. In this case you need to design and build properly concrete foundations, based on local ground characteristics of your site. You will need to hire shipment containers (or semitrailers) only for the first installation.

In case in the future you will want to sell your Wheel, you can convert your Stationary version into a portable one just buying the steel basement and platform; this will allow you to get extraordinary more chances to sell your ride.